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Module 08: Examination of Firearms

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Author: William Conrad
Bill ConradWilliam Conrad joined the U.S. Army in 1962 and became a criminal investigator in 1969. As a Criminal Investigation Command (CID) agent, he investigated felony offenses involving U.S. Army personnel and/or interests. Mr. Conrad was accepted into the firearms unit of U.S. Army CID crime laboratory where he completed a two-year resident course of instruction in firearm and toolmark identification and was certified by the Department of the Army as a firearm and toolmark examiner in January 1977. In this capacity, he worked on all aspects of firearm and toolmark examinations across all branches of the military. In addition, he was appointed as training officer for several students. In 1982, Mr. Conrad retired from the Army as a Chief Warrant Officer and began work with the Commonwealth of Virginia as a forensic scientist in firearm identification at the Western Regional Crime Laboratory. In 1994, he contracted with the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, D.C., to design and implement a training program for firearm examiners. After training six examiners and four technicians, Mr. Conrad began work on the FBI's DRUGFIRE program as a subject matter expert. When the program ended, he went into private practice as a forensic consultant where he continues his work today.

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