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This page provides an overview of interface controls that allow navigation between modules, topics, and individual pages. Descriptions of courseware icons and links are also included in this user guide.

Section Tabs

Tabs used for navigation

There are five section tabs for navigating to different areas
of the content:

  • Home
  • Index
  • Glossary
  • Site Map
  • User Guide
Page Navigation

Arrows used for navigation

Next and previous Arrows are available in the top left corner of the content area to navigate from page to page.

Previous Page and Next Page links

There are also previous and next links at the bottom of the page
to navigate from page to page.

Modules and Topic Navigation

Portion of menu

When a Module is accessed, each Topic will appear below it within the menu.

  • The current location is identified by red in the menu.
Content Icons

Four icons signify what type of document they link to:

Links in a Chain Icon
– link to a different page

Animation icon
Bouncing ball
– animations

Eyeglasses Icon
Eyeglasses – Adobe PDF and flash paper documents

Video Camera Icon
Camera – plays a short video clip.

Sound Icons

Mute or Unmute Icon
Sound Icon

Closed Caption Icon
Closed Caption Icon

Most animations have sound (where appropriate) and contain text. These items can be turned off in most cases by clicking the sound icon or the closed caption (CC) icon as noted above.

Links and Colors

Certain links are identified in different colors:

Close button in upper right corner of browser window

When a link is clicked, it will open a new window. To close the new window and return to the previous page, just click the X in the upper right-hand corner.

Flash Content
Get Flash Player

Most of the animations and documents require Flash Player 8. Click here to download the Flash Player.

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