Collecting DNA Evidence at Property Crimes
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Database Levels

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DNA profiles are entered into CODIS from laboratories at the local (LDIS), state (SDIS) and national (NDIS) levels.

CODIS Architecture

CODIS Architecture


A local laboratory (e.g., Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Crime Laboratory) can maintain its own local database of forensic profiles and upload eligible profiles to SDIS. 


The state database (e.g., Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Tallahassee, CODIS laboratory) contains the eligible forensic profiles from all local laboratories in Florida, plus the forensic profiles analyzed by the Tallahassee laboratory. The state database also contains the DNA profiles of convicted offenders.

Through the federal prison system, the FBI functions as an SDIS laboratory. Convicted offender samples are collected, analyzed and entered into CODIS by the FBI.


Eligible profiles from the states (including the FBI) are uploaded into NDIS. 

Note: State eligibility is determined at the state level by legislation and policy. National eligibility is determined by federal law and policy. For example, DNA profiles must meet the established minimum number of loci for entry into NDIS.

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