Collecting DNA Evidence at Property Crimes
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How Can CODIS Help in Solving Crimes?

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CODIS software, when used with the DNA database, is a powerful investigative tool. It has the potential to:

  • Link an unknown sample to a convicted offender. This gives the investigator the name of a previously unidentified suspect.
  • Link an unknown sample to a solved case. This would also identify a suspect for the investigator.
  • Link two or more unsolved cases. Linking unsolved cases can help an investigator look for similarities in the crimes, define geographical areas, compare victim statements, etc. If the crimes occurred in different jurisdictions, linked cases would enable the investigators to compare notes and possibly develop a suspect.
  • Exclude suspects. This can often be as important as identifying a suspect. Exclusion of a particular individual can allow the investigator to change the focus of the investigation.

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