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Technology Transition Workshops at the NFSTC

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Rapid Biological Screening 2011
Advances in Forensic Anthropology 2011
Field Detection of Drugs and Explosive Odor Signatures Using Planar Solid Phase Microextraction Ion Mobility Spectrometry (PSPME-IMS) 2011
Physical Separation of Forensic Mixtures 2010
Probability Software and Fingerprint Comparison 2010
STR and Mitochondrial DNA Analysis by Mass Spectrometry For Managers Using the Ibis™ Biosciences, Inc. Platform for Managers 2010
Sequential Processing of Documents for Fingerprints 2010
Field Investigation Drug Officer (FIDO) Program 2009
Latent Fingerprint Image Enhancement 2009
Forensic SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) Analysis 2009
MinElute® Post-PCR Cleanup 2009
DART Mass Spectrometry For Forensic Analysis 2008
Miniaturized Microfluidic Devices 2008
Mitochondrial and STR DNA Analysis by Mass Spectrometry
Using the Ibis Biosciences, Inc. Platform
Capillary Electrophoresis 2007
Cedar Fox Questioned Documents 2007
Laser Microdissection for Examiners 2007
Laser Microdissection for Supervisors 2007
LC-MS/MS Workshop 2007
Polynomial Texture Mapping for Footwear and Tire Impressions 2007