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As part of this commitment, we are making available the nearly 30-year archive of training material, symposia, poster presentations, and technical evaluations completed by our founding component, the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC).

Laser Microdissection Technology Transfer Workshop for Technical Managers and Supervisors

August 2-3, 2007

Workshop Overview - The purpose of this technology transfer workshop is to provide the student with an introduction to laser microdissection (LMD), methods for preparing samples for LMD, LMD operation, methods for DNA analysis of LMD recovered cells, and an understanding of the application of LMD recovery to sexual assault evidence analysis.

Sponsored by the National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice

Welcome and Introduction

Presentation | Video

Introduction to LMD technology


  1. Basic microscopy
    1. Components
    2. imaging
    3. Fluorescence
    4. DIC
  2. Laser dissection
    1. Basic theory
    2. History of LMD microscopy
    3. Other LMD technologies and tools

Basic cell identification: sperm and epithelial cells

Presentation | Video

LMD dissection of sperm cells from a mixture

Presentation | Video

Lab Practical Overview


LMD Research Studies from RFUMS

Presentation | Video 1 | Video 2

  1. Technical Obstacles
  2. Histology Study
  3. DNA Isolation Study
  4. DNA Yield Study
  5. Mixture Study
  6. Low Copy Number Study
  7. Comparative Study with Preferential Lysis
  8. Case Studies

Advanced LMD Forensic Applications

Presentation | Video

  1. Fluorescent Sperm Identification
  2. Chromosome Paint for Diploid Cells
  3. Validation Issues
  4. LMD on Sexual Assault Kits



  1. Fluorescence
  2. AVC Software Module
  3. Advanced Operations

LMD Microscopy Research and Experience from NLCL

Presentation | Video

  1. Why LMD for NLCL Casework
  2. Elimination of Manual Extraction
  3. Reproducibility
  4. Sensitivity
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Single Amplification/Optimization
  7. Absence of Sperm
  8. LMD: Streamlined, Novel Process
  9. Casework Examples

Research on Chromosome Paint of Diploid Cells

  1. Cell Preparation for Chromosome Paint
  2. Male/Female Diploid Cells Mixtures
  3. Non-probative case results

Novel Processing Plan for the Implementation of LMD Analysis of Sexual Assault

Presentation | Video

Review DNA Data from LMD samples


  1. Admissibility / voir dire issues
  2. QA & accreditation
  3. Competency training
  4. Harmonious implementation
  5. Commitments within the forensic community

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