DNA Analyst Training

This training has been updated and moved to a new location.

Thank you for your interest in NFSTC’s online DNA analyst training. We are excited to announce this program has been updated and improved, and is now available as a paid online training via NFSTC’s online learning management system.

NFSTC offers the only DNA online course to prepare analysts for casework. This high-quality course includes the theoretical knowledge base for Forensic Biological Screening and DNA analyst training, originally developed by NFSTC for the National Institute of Justice in 2005, and updated by NFSTC in 2016.

Your analysts will have access to the most current, consistent knowledge base to get them up to speed quickly. Training can be accomplished in as little as 6 months, far less than the standard 12-24 months. Assessments and grading are available for Technical Leaders, and additional training options such as sample packs are available. Visit NFSTC.org for more information and to enroll today.

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NOTE TO USERS: The President’s DNA Initiative DNA Analyst Training program and assessment were completed and published in 2005, in cooperation with the National Institute of Justice. Opinions or points of view expressed in this report represent a consensus of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.